Corporate Insurance

SafeLink Life

We make it possible for our clients to minimize and transfer their risks, thanks to our agreements with the most prestigious insurance companies around the world, creating tailor-made solutions.

We have expanded our Safelink Life line of business to offer a stronger and more attractive portfolio of insurance solutions and to cover the risks faced by our customers both, domestically and internationally.

Safelink Life is your strategic partner for advisory and resolution should an incident occur. Our team of risk prevention and control advisors is responsible for handling your claim and accompanying you throughout the process.

Health Insurance

We offer insurance policies that constitute the main financial backing for our clients and their employees, and in case of an accident or illness they have access to the largest network of hospitals and medical providers.

Access to Hospitals in Mexico and Abroad, Payment of Medical Fees, Telephone and Web Assistance, Maternity Coverage with or without waiting period, Healthy Newborn, Congenital Conditions, Non-Covered Emergency Medical Expenses, Overseas Assistance and AIDS Coverage.*


Guarantees financial support for you as an owner of a company or business, and for your collaborators in case of death or if they acquire a partial, total or permanent disability.

Death, Advance Payment Disability, Disability Premium Waiver (Insurance payout, accidental death, accidental death or loss of limb, payment for accidental death or loss of limb.*

Key Person Insurance

The company’s reputation and financial viability may be critically linked to the name, reputation, or unique skills that you or one of your key employees have.
We offer life insurance to avoid financial losses caused by the death or disability of a key person in your company that may affect the company financially.

Survival Coverage, Death Coverage, Final Expense Support, Life Safety, Disability Coverage, Accidental Death Coverage.*

Property Insurance

Advice on risk prevention and management to help you make the right selection of coverage over your maximum liability limit. With Property Insurance we protect the assets of large companies, as well as medium and small businesses.

Loss of income, extraordinary expenses, reduction of income due to business interruption: loss of profits, salaries and fixed expenses; gross profits in commercial negotiations or in industrial plants, contingent insurance. Money and securities inside premises: robbery with violence.*

*All coverages can range according to the particular negotiations agreed with each company or business and are subject to the general conditions, waiting periods and exclusions of the policy contracted.

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